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Do Goals Really Matter?

February 12 2020

Do Goals Really Matter?

Answer: Great question.

Have you ever wondered why one individual, team or company achieve incredible results, but why others, despite talent and desire, seemingly fall short?  They seldom, if ever, reach that next level of success. 

Their significant leap or quantum jump is never made.

But how come?  Often, it is because these people simply do not have a plan.

The process of planning and goal setting helps you chart a course for a lifetime of success.  You will begin to control and influence your destiny.  External forces might be influencers or challenges, but they are no longer dominant or distractive forces.  Because now, you are in charge…with your goals.  Your plan.  Your future.

Goals, and especially the act of goal setting, can catapult you to new levels of success.  Successful goal setting is simply the progressive movement toward, and eventual realization of a worthwhile idea.

That is why I created the GRASP IT™ goal achievement system.  It is a logical, organized and methodical approach to explosive growth for all aspects of your life.  It is simple, yet practical and results-oriented.  And it is based on seven specific strategies.  They are:

  1. Specify your GOAL.
  2. Target a date for the goal's REALIZATION and identify how you will REWARD yourself when the goal is realized.
  3. Develop an ACTION plan.
  4. Maximize your STRENGTHS.
  5. PROGRAM your belief system.
  6. IDENTIFY obstacles and solutions.
  7. TRACK your progress.

When goal setting is combined with execution, the results can be dramatic.  Goals become more than a blueprint for success.  Instead, they help turn fantasy into fact.  And dreams into reality.

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